What is the highest fall in the World? Duuhh Niagara Falls… Well Guess What,its not!

I was once watching one of the “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” episodes and there was this very smart guy who managed to answer correctly all the questions so far and was very close to winning the big prize! Then the final “TWO MILLIONS” question was there and stated as follows: Which of the Following is the Highest Fall in the World? And since its a multiple choice question Niagara falls was there in front of his eyes but he didn’t choose it!! Excuse Me… What?!! What the hell he was thinking… such a stupid guy…

Well to all the audience and my utmost surprise his answer was Correct and he won 2 Million Dollars…Can you believe this! Such a lucky guy, how did he do it?!! Fortunately his mum visited Venezuela previously and took a photo next to the Tallest Falls in the World… the Angel Falls; yeah I am sure his mum took half of the money for her own because thanks to her, his mistaken information about the Niagara falls has been corrected and replaced by being the falls with highest flow rates in the world.

I guess you knew about which neighboring city my coming post is about…. Stay tuned the full post will be published soon…


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