CuriouCity will take your arbitrary knowledge of cities from all around the globe to the next level and will allow you to see it from an eye of an investor (tourist, student or businessman) P.S: at the end of the day all the previously mentioned will invest their money either on tourism, education or trade. Whether you already know a city or you literary have no idea where it is located on the world map, I am here to enlighten you about its historical facts, modern settings and futuristic aspirations.

Wait a second! Oh Gosh… maybe I wasn’t clear about its concept….. NOOO please don’t tell me that you though my blog is a carbon copy of a stereotype travel advisor blog…. Nouuuuup……. Not at All!!!

Okay,let me make things clear…… well being curious & critic by nature and a “financee” & surveyor by choice, and having a JEALOUSY from Moody’s and S&P I decided to create a “Rating Agency” or blog (you name it) of my own to review cities from around the world and give my recommendations for people who are willing to invest in these cities’ real estates or who are looking for cities to invest in. P.S: for those of you who don’t know what a credit rating agency is please check the following Credit Rating Agencies and the SEC.

Now that you have knew what this thing is all about (I am hoping that you are still reading so far…Fingers Crossed) go ahead and check my posts and don’t forget to give me your feedback, suggest a city or criticize my rating(don’t be so harsh I am still an amateur) by leaving a comment, sending an email or sharing it with your friends on social media networks.

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