My Salty Snacks: What! My Chips Bag is not filled with Air? And I Can Prepare Popcorn Without Oil/Butter?!!!


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Yes Dear…

When its that time of the day, when you’re either board or waiting  for the lunch break to eat that delicious spaghetti with meat balls dish your mum packed in your lunch box, or its pass 4 pm and waiting for the clock to tick 6pm and go to home after a long day at work, or when its your favorite TV show time, or when you gather with your friends on a saturday night around the camp fire…..


and all out of a sudden that bright-colored bag, shining in the middle of its mates starts calling you to approach closely and enjoy its salty, cheesy, soure creamy , BBQy taste and POOOOOP!


That air bag pops in your face leaving you in a big shock and dispar …… WHY ME GOD.. WHY Me… WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THiS? Chips inside of my Air Bag….


Well first thing first, It’s not air in your Chips Bag..  Nikki Muller in her Food Files documentary on National Geographic explained that the bag is filled with Nitrogen  Gas…. yes that thing that pops in your face is nitrogen not oxygen…

Nitrogen is used to prevent the chips from oxidizing, and stay crispy and fresh.Oxygen is a very reactive chemical that combine with other molecules thus causing chemical changes to the processed potato chip. 


Now and after you Knew what your chips bag contains other than “potato” let me tell you that you can enjoy eating a healthy popcorn snack without worrying about the extra calories you will gain or the Bad lipids your body will store.


Using your microwave and a Microwave friendly glass / porcelain bowl and dish you can prepare popcorn butter/oil free in case you are suffering from diabetes or cardiovascular issues or any other health issue that restrain you from eating lipids rich snacks.



Just put a handful of popcorn in the glass bowl and cover it with the dish applying the needed time (depends on the type of your microwave) when you hear the pooping strats slowing down observe it until no sound comes out. Leave it untill it cools down since if you remove the glass bowl it will be too hot to catch with your hand or it might crack if directly contacted a cold surface. It can be served with or without seasoning.



Eh Voila, now you can eat a healthy snack without worrying too much about your fitness, and can stop nagging  about you empty chips bag and thank God that you are eating it fresh and tasty …..


If you have any tips or tricks about cooking food in a healthy way please insert it in the comments below…









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