KENTHYA Chapter 2- ( New E-Story Series)

…. Back in the kitchen Nany Ophilia along with other peasants were in hurry to prepare the food for the King and his family along with king Azemilcus brother and his family who are in a short stay visit in Tyre before going back to Byblos where they live as an ordinary family when Esther comes over and rapidly starts helping the other peasants.

–Ophilia: Esther where have you been since morning? I have been looking for you for hours now… don’t forget that we have to serve not only the king and his family but also his brother’s family as well.. and that Ronessa is very demanding and she keep on ordering and ordering and you know I cant handle all her requests I need you to help me with this…
–Esther: Mum please, I hate her she is so mean and every time I approach her with the stuff she ordered she insults me and oblige me to kneel before her as if she is the master of this palace.

–Ophilia: It’s okay Esther at the end of the day she is the niece of the king and we should treat her as if she is part of this royal family, just answer her request with supper calmness and respect we don’t need any problems here..

Angrily Esther continued chopping the vegetables and thinking what would happen if Jeovan will be obliged by his father to marry Ronessa… after a while Kenthya entered the kitchen and said to nany Ophilia
-Kenthya : I am sorry Nany but I kept Esther for a while since she was helping me with..
-Nany Ophilia interrupted Kenthya, Its okay princess Kenthya I just wanted her to help me in answering the demands of Miss Ronessa that’s all she has demanding a lot since she came her two days ago and I can’t managed to allocate the peasants’ work cook and serve her …
-Kenthya: its okay soon they will return to their home so no worries
Then kenthya walked to Esther and asked her if she needs any help while Esther whispered in her ear how did you find him?
-Kenthya: Esther well I don’t know, this is the first time I see a guy and get parralized by only looking at him in the eye without even saying a word I didn’t even get the chance to know him in person just chatted for a minute and then mama came and didn’t allow me to sit with them in the living room… I mean whats wrong with this? We are not staying alone! I mean come on I am soo angry this is totlayy unfair…
-Esther: I do understand what y u are saying Her highness doesn’t wants you to mingle with him because she noticed that you liked him, I mean look at you, you are still shivering and enchanted by prince charming ….
-Kenthya: Hushh shut up, No I AM NOTTT… he is just different unlike any guy I have seen before, ok just give me this

Back in the living room


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