KENTHYA -Chapter 1 ( New E-Story Series)


Kenthya Cover

Esther was braiding Kenthya’s hair in her room and laughing about a funny incident that took place 2 days ago during the welcoming ceremony of Ronessa and Bach (Kenthya’s Cousins) when all of a sudden sounds of swords tackled from the front yard of the Palace.
Kenthya: Esther, did you hear this?
Esther: Hear what your highness?
Kenthya: how many times I told you to stop calling me your Highness… just call me           –Kenthya I am your age and we were raised together…. Hushhh Listen….
They both had a moment of silence while hearing the sound again but now with loud and intense masculine shouting.
Esther: Oh, you mean the sound of prince Jeovan’s training with his new companion?
Kenthay: What? My brother has a new companion, why? He is a boy; he doesn’t need any companion, he doesn’t have a long hair to braid or delicate skin to take care of or even he is not obliged to wear fancy dresses that require assistance while putting them on…
Esther: your highness, Uh… I mean Kenthya I am sorry but my mom insists on calling you “your highness” since King Azemilcus never allows us “the servants” to become very intimate with his royal family. So…
Kenthay: Esther let me tell you somthing … my Father has a very kind heart but he acts tough and serious because his position mandates him to do so, but don’t worry if you don’t want to have troubles with nany Ophilia then just call me your highness in his presence, yet if you didn’t call me by my name the rest of the time I will let them put you in the penitentiary…
Esther: Kenthya just stop it! I am not kidding!
Kenthya: Me neither Esther, you are my best friends since childhood, I hate the Nobel’s daughters whom my father oblige me to hang out with, they are very shallow and naïve; I have never enjoyed my time with them. So don’t you dare to call me your highness again… do you understand? now can somebody tell me why it sounds like there is a battle in our front yard?
Esther: hehe, because King Azemilcus wants prince Jeovan to develop martial skills before becoming the Army General in this Phoenician Kingdom. You know, King Azemilcus is getting old and he wants Jeovan to get into the tough world before his succession on the Crown ofTyre.
Kenthya: Really? Well it seems that my brother tell you all the stuff even before telling me about them. You love birds are so obsessed with each other… I can’t wait to see you getting married and become the most fortunate aunt of cute little creatures who are copy of both of you.
Esther: Hush , lower your voice …please Kenthya don’t say anything about this to anyone, our relationship don’t have any future and in case King Azemilcus or my mom knew about it they will directly kill us.
Kenthya: Esther … Love wins no matter how much time or people tried to take it from you… just be patient and don’t give up specially if he is not giving up on you, Jeovan Loves you soo much I can see it in his eyes every time we take lunch to his workshop in the north bay …
Esther: I am really sick of all this I just can’t take this anymore, at the end of the day I am a servant and he is a prince who will be sooner or later a king. Look at me I am nothing but an orphan who don’t even know who her father is, I will never ever be Jeovan’s Bride, Never in my entire life … Now can we change the subject, Jeovan told me that Philosir was a great knight in the Babylonian army but 5 years ago he flee from Mesopotamian when the Achaemenid Empire conquered his country and all his family members were killed there..he moves to several kingdoms before reaching Tyre around a month ago. He tried to enter in the phonecians army but since he is not Phoenician, Mr. Leopo Suggested that he might be a great companion and trainer for Jeov for the coming 2 years before turning 21 and being coronated as the successor of king Azemilcus.
Kenthya: mmmm look at me…. Come on look at me in the eye…. Esther. Do I smell a new love affair coming on its way?
Esther: why?
Kenthay: Well you already know everything about him even before his first day with my brother…
Esther: Nahhh…. Jeovan was very excited about meeting him and he just spit out all the information he knows yesterday when we were chatting in the secret tunnel after dinner, you should have seen the glow in his eyes when he was telling me about Philosir as if he is going to meet the Roman Cesar…
Kenthya: I can imagine this, my brother is always excited about things that interest him the most… Carpentry, You and now Philosir. Anyway have you met him?
Esther: No today is his first day, and to my utmost surprise nobody introduced him to the servants or showed him where he is going to stay… I think he won’t accompany him all the time at least for now, even Jeovan don’t know yet how much time Philosir will train him.
Kenthya: Oh I see, do you want to come down with me and meet him in person?
Esther: Oh dear, I wish I could but I can’t, I have to go down and help my mom preparing the lunch it’s almost midday and I haven’t stepped into the kitchen since morning .
Kenthya: Opss, It took us too long, nany Ophilia must be upset… I am really very sorry Esthy, go now and I will see you at lunch.
Esther: Okay Kenthy I’ll be waiting for your feedback, the new handsome guy’s muscles are amazing, his tan is so charming and his face ow my god…
Kenthya:Okay I will…

While Esther went down to the kitchen, Kenthya was watching the training session from her room’s window. She observed every single technique Philosir taught to Jeovan during the session.
-Philosir: Good Job Jeovan, we are done for today but it seems that you are born a fighter, it won’t take you long to learn all the techniques and moves but you should train a lot this period on holding the sword correctly since it’s a little bit heavy and you should form some muscles in your hands to handle it.
-Jeovan: Thanks man … It’s amazing how….
Kenthya hurriedly left her room. She reached the hallway and then started walking sideways with the balustrade that looks over the front yard and slowly went down the main stairs looking at Philosir in the eye all the way down.
Her heart beaten fast, her breath was lessening and she was progressively shivering when approaching Jeovan and Philosir. This is the first time she has this feeling and she couldn’t control it at all, but she insisted on approaching them and meeting Philosir in person.
-Jeovan: Kenthya its good that you came down I was about to call you and introduce you to my new companion. Philosir this is Kenthya my sister.
Kenthya took a very deep breath and said uh… mmm… hi
-Philosir: Hello Princess Kenthya, it’s my pleasure to meet you…
-Kenthya: ow…… mmm… please don’t call me Princess just call me Knethya, Uhh I just don’t like these titles.

While they were chatting Verona was approaching them from the back
-Verona: welcome to our palace Philosir, I heard a lot about your achievement and I am really please to have you as a companion to my son.
-Philosir: Thank you your majesty, your son is talented and you will soon hear about his achievements as well.
-Verona: Sure if he has a brilliant mentor like you, I won’t be surprised about the outcome. I am sure both of you are tiered after this hard training, please come along and rest.
Philosir: I am sorry I can’t I have to go, I didn’t take the permission to leave for so long.
Jeovan: Never mind I will go with you and tell your commander that I prolonged the training session.
Verona: Well Philosir you are now working for the king’s family so don’t worry we got your back… Please this way…

Kenthya was about to go with them when her mom called her angrily in a low voice.

Verona: Kenthay what do you think yourself are doing? Go back to your room or find Esther and stay with her, it’s forbidden to sit in the same room with a complete stranger. Your father will get mad if he saw you.
-Kenthya: But Mother…this is unfair, he allows me to stay alone for hours with Bach to know him better but he won’t allow me to sit with a stranger in the presence of my mother and brother…?
-Verona: Bach is your cousin and you are about to get engaged to him next month, however Philosir is a complete stranger….keep in mind that he will soon be considered as our servant when he will move to live in this palace. So Kenthya please try not to put us in troubles with your father and Uncle. They are already frustrated because of the situation in the Sidon and Byblos Please … Now go…


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