That Moment When You Realize That The Fruit Of These Love Stories Are Prominent More Than Romeo and Juliet!

So it’s Valentine’s Day all over again and all you can see over the Social Media Networks are the photos of  “Valentinos”  with their beloved “Valentinas”  posing at a venue with the Hash Tag #The Most Romantic Dinner Ever or the photo of the lovely presents and red roses sent to their “Soul Mates” with the Hash Tag #ImTheGentelMan or some short movie that talks about their love journey so far with lots of hearts and kisses flowing over during the movie prepared by one of them as an expression of their true and deep love with hash tag #Forever Together .Well yeah actually love is indeed in the air…


Well we all know the famous Romeo and Juliet story that took place long time ago in the imagination of the great William Shakespeare which symbolizes authentic love. We either read it at high school, watch it as a movie/play or even heard people talking about it in the media ever since its broke out! But have you ever heard about other great love stories behind people and places that you are familiar with without realizing that these stories exceeds Romeo and Juliets’ Historical Story?


Lets Go to Russia where Vladimir Putin, has published his autobiography around a year ago during which he mentioned the story of his parents. He stated that when his mother  was alone at home while her husband was at war, her son was taken and her husband was injured and transported to the hospital, she got extremely sick and the medics considered her almost dead and decided to transport her with other bodies for burial. Luckily, Putin’s father made it on time returning back from the hospital.“When he [Putin-Sr] came to the house, he saw the medics were carrying corpses. And he saw my mother. He came closer and it seemed to him that she was breathing. ‘She’s still alive!’,” he told the medics.

They insisted she would soon die, but he refused to listen to them, and instead attacked them with his crutches.

“And he took care of her. She lived,” the Russian president wrote. His parents died at the end of the 90s. If his father didn’t take care of his beloved wife, then Putin didn’t have the chance to come to this life and be regarded as one of the most influential and the strongest man on earth!



From Russia to India, to a  story, that although ended in early 1600, continues to live on in the form of Taj Mahal and is considered a living example of eternal love. It’s the love story of Shah Jahan the fourth Mughal emperor of India  and Mumtaz Mahal a girl hawking silk and glass beads that strokes his heart with love at first sight. At that time, he was 14 years old and she was 15. After meeting her, Shah Jahan went back to his father and declared that he wanted to marry her.Five years later they married but eventhough Shah Jahan had other wives , Mumtaz Mahal was his favorite and accompanied him everywhere, even on military campaigns. In the year 1631, when Mumtaz Mahal was giving birth to their 14th child, she died due to some complications. While Mumtaz was on her deathbed, Shah Jahan promised her that he would never remarry and will build the richest mausoleum over her grave.

It is said that Shah Jahan was so heartbroken after her death that he ordered the court into mourning for two years. Sometime after her death, Shah Jahan undertook the task of building the world’s most beautiful monument in the memory of his beloved wife. It took 22 years and the labor of 22,000 workers to construct the monument. When Shah Jahan died in 1666, his body was placed in a tomb next to the tomb of Mumtaz Mahal. This magnificent monument came to be known as “Taj Mahal” and now counts amongst the Seven Wonders of the World.


So next year at valentine’s day or even during your daily life, instead of bringing some silly teddy bears or innocent red roses or even paying all your salary to take her out for dinner or for a weekend retreat, just remember these stories and make sure your love story will not end up over a wall on the social media networks that lasts for couple of days, instead try to treat her like the heroes mentioned above and strive to make your love story become immortal and last for years and years to come!


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