On the 7th day of December CuriouCici Posted to Me

India Decorate Mango Christmas Trees!  


Weird isn’t it? Even though it is approximated that 7% of the Indian population is Christians, “Bada Din” or the great day (Christmas day) is still a holiday in India! Indians do celebrate Christmas similar to other nations around the world by decorating the houses and streets with Christmas decoration, preparing delicious Christmas dinner with family gathering and attending midnight Christmas mass.

But guess what instead of using pine trees for the Christmas decoration, sometimes they use mango or banana trees and occasionally they also decorate their houses with mango leaves.

Mango trees

Well this is interesting! After trying to figure out why they do so, it turned out to be that mango is the national fruit in India and it is common to find wild mango trees over pine trees. And since Indians integrate western customers with their own traditions, they use any accessible tree (mainly mango or banana) to decorate their houses and streets during this festive season.     


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