On The 1st Day of December CuriouCici Posted To Me

Japanese Celebrate Christmas Eve At KFC!  

Weird isn’t it? We all Know that Japan has a minority of Christians (estimated to be 1% of the whole population) that’s why it is not a national holiday over there and it is not celebrated “religiously” by the Japanese! However, they still celebrate it. No not at their home, not even at their relatives or friends’ home, they celebrate it at KFC!  Well the story behind this tradition roots back to the 1970s when KFC opened in Japan and few years later tried to do a marketing campaign based on the fact that any foreigner visit KFC at new year eve to eat fried chicken as an alternative of the Turkey that is hard to find in Japan back then!

So in 1974, KFC launched its first Christmas Meal Commercial for chicken and wine for 10$. Since then it has been craved in the Japanese minds that at Christmas you eat chicken! Nowadays, Japanese order their Christmas Box months in advance to avoid the countless lines of 2 hours of waiting to get their Christmas Meal!



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