An Exceptional Post for An Exceptional Occasion! What You Don’t Know About Lebanon and The Lebanese

Last week I have received and email from Mathew Loomis, an inspiring web writer and blogger, addressing the bloggers community out there to write about the tragic events that took place in France on Friday November 13th, 2015 and show our sympathy and support to this beloved country. I was hesitant at first since my dear country Lebanon has also witnessed the same tragic events but I haven’t write about it yet! So I decided not to write about neither country until I read a comment from a person (I think he is from the states) on the Economist Facebook page post that questioned Facebook reluctance about activating the safety check feature for Lebanon.

This guy’s comment wasn’t proper and all what I recall from it was “Who Cares About These Dumb asses”. Wow, give me a Break Man! Even though I ‘ve started hating my country 2 years now due to the bad political, economical and environmental situation and the problems we are facing as citizens that are completely out of our control, it’s very devastating to know that we are perceived by the west as “Dumb asses”!

I do pray for the souls of those who passed away recently all around the globe and sincerely hope that these massacres come to an end, but I’m not writing today to show my sympathy to any country nor to shed tears for the innocent victims of these terrorist acts since they have already took the recognition and support they deserve. I am writing today, in the occasion of my Country’s Independence Day, to tell the world that we i.e. the Lebanese are not Dumb Asses as most of you perceive us!

Since you are used to the fact that in every post I try to tell you some

strange facts, let me start with this: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”


Wait a min I am not asking you! I mean who doesn’t know this famous quote from the famous speech of President John F. Kennedy in the 1961? Well this famous quote was paraphrased from Gibran Khalil Gibran “The New Frontier” text published in 1925 i.e. 36 years before President Kennedy famous Inaugural Address !



Now tell me who never watched Tom and Gerry, or never heard about it? Definitely no one! Well Guess what the creators of Tom and Jerry are both Lebanese  (Joseph Barbera and William Hanna). They created this animated movie in 1940s along with Scooby-Doo in 1969 (Sure you remember Sooby Doo by Doo, Where are you song, admit it!)


Okay let’s see, I am sure you have heard that recently The Curiosity Rover have found traces of water on Mars! Wow this is nice… but what you don’t know is that Charles Elachi is the director of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab at Caltech and he is the man behind Curiosity Rover Mission and many similar advance robotics machinary exploring the universe at this particular moment! And Guess What He is LEBANESE!!!


Do you know who is recognized as the father of the Solar Cell? Hassan Kamel Al Sabbah. His dream was to build sun-powered cells in the Arabian Desert Back in the 1935; the main ingredients for solar power are sand (making solar cells) and strong sun (powering it) !He worked for General Electric and had 70 patent in his name in the US and around the world!!! He is Lebanese too!


Last but not least, as you know Lebanon has this great heritage rooting back to the Phoenicians who lived in Lebanon thousands of years a ago. They  created the very first convenient alphabet which was the basis of the modern language we use today.They Also built the perfect transatlantic Sailing Ships used hundreds of year later by Leif Ericson to discover America or what is contemporary called Canada and later by Christopher Columbus in 1942. Beside, Jesus Christ has  visited Lebanon several times and Called its Cedars the Cedars of God (P.S: Lebanon is Mentioned 75 times in the Bible)!!!!


So please guys, stop calling us Dumb Asses, Just Stop It! At least know who you are talking about before saying these insulting words and btw if you watch CNN lately I am sure you have seen LiveLoveLebanon add that shows the beauty of its nature and majesty of its civilization, culture and ancient monument! I bet you will change your perception when you visit Lebanon and meet its lovely citizens!


Live Love Lebanon Instagram 

CuriouCici Add For The Lebanese Independence Day 


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