You Mean the Arc De Triomphe Doesn’t Only Exist in France?

One day I was watching a local Lebanese TV show, previously called @MTV now called #Hashtag, hosted by young anchors. This show is very lively and dynamic since it discusses recent topics shared on social media, news from around the world and local events that target the juvenile Lebanese generation.

During that episode they were talking about some tourist attraction sites in France; when the photo of the famous Arac de Triomphe appeared on the screen one of the presenters mentioned that while being in Russia, he came across a similar Arch in Saint Petersburg. Really?! Well this is interesting, thanks for sharing!



But I was not satisfied with knowing this fact and decided to go further and see why there is a similar one in a different country that we know nothing about? After doing some online research, it turned out that the “Triumphal Archs” doesn’t only exist in France and Russia but also in Italy, India, North Korea, Mexico and the UK! Woahh Wait a minute … Why?!

Actually, the Triumphal Arcs, as its name stats,  built to commemorate victorious generals who won wars against enemies or founded new colonies or coronation of new emperor. While the Arc De Triomphe Located in the center of the Place de L’Etoile/Place Charles de Gaulle in Paris built to honor the soldiers who died during the French revolution and Napoleonic Wars in addition to all the generals who lead the French victories, Narva Triumphal Arch in Narva Square, Saint Petersburg built to commemorate the Russian Victory over Napoleon! What an Irony!


An Arch of Triumph was built in Pyongyang, North Korea to glorify the military Korean resistance of the president Kim Il-Sung for independence from Japan, where as the Indian Gate is a war memorial arch in New Delhi built to commemorate Indian soldiers who passed away during the first war.


Wellington Arch in central London built to commemorate Britain’s victories in the Napoleonic Wars and The Monument to the Revolution in Plaza de la República, down town Mexico City built to commemorate the Mexican revolution.



Obviously, all these arches were built in the recent century but they are all inspired by the latest existing triumphal arch, Arch of Constantine; Built in Rome around 315 to commemorate the Emperor Constantine the Grate victory over the Maxentius at the Battle of Milvian Bridge.


So next time your  around any of these cities that have Triumphal Arcs, make sure you visit these arches and experience the glory of  a whole nation threw out  history in one monument.


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