Remember Queen Elsa of Arendelle? Is She Real? Maybe… Is Arendelle Real? Yes Dear, This One is So Dam Real!


Few years ago, an animated Disney movie was released in cinemas all over the world called “FROZEN”.I am sure you all know it or at least watched its trailer or heard its famous legendary song “Let It GO” not less than one thousand times so far. IT WENT VIRAL!!! Everyone was talking about it! My friends, my colleagues even my Niece was obsessed by the movie; she memorized all the songs, downloaded all Frozen games on her Mon’s Mobile and requested an Elsa Custom for Halloween! It was astonishingly acknowledged by everyone on this planet from all ages, races and nationalities to an extent that even me, and out of curiosity, I decided to go and watch it in the movie theater with a friend of mine to see if it is really worth that prominence.

Everything about that movie was charming, the characters, the graphics, the after effects, and the plot! Even the songs and the fact that it is a musical movie made it even more pleasant.Yet what makes it more special is the settings where the movie took place. It’s the “Kingdom of Arendelle”…The name by itself is melodically magical… and the way it’s portrayed was even more appealing!  Admit it, haven’t you wished that Arendelle really exists so that you can visit it and feel its magic?


Personally I was enchanted by this “imaginary kingdom” and decided to look it up on the internet to see if it really exists. Surprisingly, it turned out to be that the name was inspired by the Norwegian Town Arendal located in the South East of Norway but the architecture of the city was inspired by a totally different town called Bergen located on Norway’s southwestern coast. Wow, honestly they nailed it; I mean they used the glamorous settings of Bergen combine it with the alluring name of Arendal and BOOMMM! The Magical Mix Was Formed!

While Arendal is relatively a modest town, Bergen is considered as more significant Norwegian town with regards to its royal heritage, historical events and ancient monuments. It is surrounded by Seven Mountains or the “De Syuv Fjell” where the Bergen Mountain Hiking Association organized the annual 7 mountains hike. Christ Church, the city Cathedral, has witnessed the first royal coronation in Norway. Besides, Bergen was and still the center trade and export among Norway and Northern Europe due to its strategic location. One of its 6 twin sisters city is Newcastle in United Kingdom.

Lucky are the Citizens of this gorgeous city, they not only experience its wonderful environment but also had the honor of inspiring Walt Disney’s best movie yet.

So, embrace the town or the city you are living in or where you belong since nobody knows it might be the inspiration for many writers and art directors and be featured in the coming Number 1 Box office Movie or Bestselling Novel.



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