Tell Me Which Apps You Download and I’ll Tell You Who You Are!

Last year, I was doing an internship in a company, and every now and then my colleagues investigate activities to be done after work to relieve the stress and exhaustion caused by the daily work routine. One day, our Business Development Manager saw an advertisement about a Book and Art Fair taking place in a Cultural Village located 15 min away from the office and suggested that it will be a good idea to go and check it out right after work. We might seem crazy and nerds but we were all excited and eager to go there! I mean anything seems enjoyable after 9 hours of consecutive work even if it was a “Book and Art Fair”! When we  arrived to the location, we started wondering around to detect books that match our interest. We bring relatively plenty of books, but I still needed a French book to practice and restore what I have learned at school! There was that guy from the fair who stepped out and asked me “you only need to practice French? Why don’t you download Duolingo? Such a great app, I Learned and practice German, Polish Italian very easily with this app and became very fluent” Well he seemed very arrogant and I doubted the credibility of his talk…Duolingo duolingo Logo

Anyway,when I came back home my sister gave me that stingy frown and asked me why did you bring a dozen of books? when will you have time to read them all? Unfortunately she was right; I didn’t have time or patience to even look at them 2 days later! But one day I remembered the app this guy told me about and decided to download it and give it a try but insisted on uninstalling it in case it turned out to be meaningless! Frankly, I am very grateful that this guy told me about it and regretted the fact that I disregarded it for a long time… Besides practicing French I learned Spanish in very easy, amusing and interactive way! It has a lot of features and it’s one of the few apps that I come back for on a daily basis. Another app that I strongly recommend and come back for on a regular basis is Elevate.Its daily sessions trains your brain on both linguistic and mathematical approach. So don’t repeat my mistake, just download them right away and I will be waiting for your feedback!

Elevate      Elevate

Now, what about you do you have any app that you favor it over Netflix, Dota or Game of Thrones (in case you’re male) or you come back for besides Instagram, keeping up with the kardashians or Fashion TV(if you are a female? If so please be kind and don’t keep it for yourself! Tell us about it in a comment below and we will give you our feedback as well!  


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