Sydney is not the Capital of Australia?!! Are You Kidding Me!


Nop I am not kidding at all! Com on guys! Who remember the first city to Welcome and Celebrate the New Year? Who remember the Harbour Bridge where the 10 minuets fabulous fire-work show is played on New Year’s Eve? Who remember the popular Opera House where all the legendaries performed their masterpieces there at least once? Definitely Everyone! Now who remember what the Capital of Australia is? Absolutely No One!

Well I am sorry to inform you that Sydney never was and it will never be Australia’s Capital! I can imagine the surprise on your face; I bet it is similar to mine when I knew this several years ago and I am sure that my Grade 5 geography teacher will be stabbing himself when he reads this post…


I mean the only Australian cities that I know are Sydney, Melbourne, and recently Perth upon the investigation of the Malaysian missing airplane debris. Admit it, you also thought that Sydney is the Capital of Australia but literary can’t even recall Canberra even though you have studied this at middle school!

Actually Canberra is the official capital of Australia and it is located in the south east of the continent. It is the only city in Australia to be fully planed similar to Washington DC in America and Brasilia in Brazil.


It hosts all the Governmental and Royal Institutions and Agencies along with the Parliament House and the Monarch’s Representative Residence and it is twinned with Beijing, China.Canberra also have 2 national universities, national museums, huge public parks, science and military academies, public library and sports stadiums.

So if you are still student at school or university embrace this blessing and try to memorize what you learn as much as possible and if you’re a grown up next time you think you know a piece of information about any topic make sure it is correct rather than perceived else you will be in a big disgrace.



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