Did You Know That Anything Produced in Georgia Can Be Freely Imported to the EU? Neither Do I! Wait a Second Georgia the Country not the State!


If you have been watching CNN channel lately you sure did notice the advertisement which claims that everything produced in Georgia can be freely imported to Europe without any tariffs! Wow, Really! That’s nice…but wait a second why the European Union need to do a free trade deal with a State in the US thousands of miles away? Did they get insane! Why did they choose Georgia not let’s say Tennessee or Florida? What makes it different? Weird, Right?

To be honest this add did grab my attention and pushed me to do further online investigation about it even though I am not a business trader or exporter living in the states. After typing  “Georgia’s free trade deal with Europe” in the search box on Google, it turned out to be that there is an existing country located on the dividing line between Europe and Asia named Georgia (Country)which I know nothing about! I mean all what I know about this part of the world is that it has been previously called the USSR and contemporary named Russia. Well I also know Ukraine since my class mate was half Ukrainian but it is very embarrassing to admit that I have no idea about the geography or the countries located in this area. Only then did I understand why they aren’t insane and it’s rational to do such agreement due to its proximity. 


Okay, just so you know Georgia’s Capital is Tbilisi, the official language is Georgian and it has its own 33-letter alphabet based on Aramaic language and the locals call their country Sakartvelo not Georgia! Besides the highest mountain range in Europe is not the Alps, actually it is the Caucasus Mountains detaching Georgia from Russia. Georgia is bordered by  Turkey and Armenia to its south, Black Sea to its west, Russia to its north,  and Azerbaijan to its east and its one of the few countries with territories situated over 2 continents.



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