Mum, What Color is the Sun, I Need to Paint it? You Can Use Blue, Green or Even Purple Never Mind!


One day I was watching one of my favorite Nat Geo TV shows “Brain Games” and it happened to be that the episode was about Perception. Uh, what a boring subject! But even though perception didn’t appeal to me during high school philosophy classes, I persisted on watching the full episode till the end. While Jason Silva, the host of this show, was telling us about how our brain links the information we capture from our surrounding to things we already know so that it makes sense, he showed us a picture of a green leaf and asked us what color is it? Sure all the viewers including me answered green! Well no actually it’s not green but on the contrary it’s all the colors except green! He explained that the objects absorb the light from the sun and reflect only one color, the color we actually see.

 But what about the sun what color is it? The sun, in fact, emits light in all colors, but since yellow is the brightest wavelength from the sun, that is the color we see with our naked eye. So next time your kids ask you what color should they use to paint the sun in their coloring book, just tell them to use their imagination! Even more if next time you see your kids coloring the sun in a weird color, don’t yell and refer them to the yellow crayon, instead ask them why they used this color maybe they behold the secret of the universe. Kids might be innocent little creatures but I am sure they are much smarter than what we think they are.


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