Who Was The First Man To Walk On The Moon? Neil Armstrong, Correct! Now Can You Tell Me Who The Second Was?

Recently I meet with a dear friend of mine whom I didn’t saw for a while. It was nice catching up with her and knowing that she has been admitted to the Diplomatic Corps in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Lebanon. But her journey wasn’t that easy since she underwent bulk of examinations and interview for a period of 6 months each at a different stage to reach her goal.

One of the stages was an interview with a jury where she should demonstrate a solid profile and strong personality to convince them that she is the perfect diplomat-to be. The questions were complex and tricky one of which was “Who’s the first man to walk on the moon?”

Yayyy.Easy Peasy lemon squeezy! she said in her heart with a great relief that finally they asked an easy question she answered of course Neil Armstrong … But it didn’t take long for her to realize that this was not the main question but an introduction to the next one which was “Who the second was?”

Booommmmm! Thanks God She Managed to Come Out Alive! But she learned the hard way that Edwin Buzz Aldrin was the second man to set foot on the moon. Seriously, I pity this PhD. holder astronaut for a very simple reason that if it happened that he came down the Appolo 11 spacecraft first, all the human kind could have memorized his name!

Can you imagine that he also co-wrote several books and novels about his space program experience but we know nothing about! Yeah sometimes life is unfair…. And do you know what is even more unfair? Not to share this post and give this man the credit he really deserves.



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